Seeing everyone’s worry about Kinja being dismantled at some time in the future, I went ahead and purchased a domain name for the Mods to use to create a forum for us so we’d still have a place to post and gather:

Currently it’s just a blank placeholder url with no content. To be honest, I don’t believe we will ever have to use it. Gawker has several other media companies, including Playboy who pay and utilize the Kinja platform. Breaking those contracts and having those companies move would be take time. It’s my guess that Gawker will continue the use of the platform for other communities/media publications but will no longer work to upgrade the site, and will not bring any other media publications on board.

So no matter what, we will always have a home and each other <3

Mods, let me know what I need to do to give the domain to you, I registered it using GoDaddy and paid for the privacy IP features as well.


PS: Thanks for all the sweet comments, I feel odd starring them though because you guys already have given so much to me in other ways!

PPS: It may be good to write down the link or bookmark it somewhere just in case down the road Kinja does disappear, you’ll have the site name still!


PPPS: If you’d like to see the non-Gawker media sites that utilize Kinja, you can go to These companies lease the platform for their own hosting.