(TW: Depression, mood disorders)

Go fuck yourself. Seriously, go fuck yourself and never come back.

No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try not to feel like a fuck-up, no matter how hard I work to prove that I have value as a person, that I'm deserving of love, you always come back and find a way to convince me that I'm useless, unloveable, and nobody really wants/needs me.

I've gotten really good at blocking you out and finding healthy ways of coping with your fuckery, but when I get stressed out, you find a way to break through the walls I've put up to block out your negativity and your bullshit and start screaming about how I'm a fuck-up, how I'm a terrible person, and how nobody loves me. I'm running out of the mental energy to block you out I'm sick of your shit. Please, just leave me alone.

With all of the hatred I can muster,