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Welcome To The Bitchery

Dear Neighbors: fuck you for screwing up my DST plan

Yes, I had a Daylight Savings Time plan. My sleep schedule has been out of whack for months now—mostly because of travel—-and I decided that this was an excellent time to get into a new routine which would involve going to bed earlier and getting up earlier.

I went to bed a little earlier, but just as I was dozing off, a group of women with kids were on the corner screaming at each other. One of the kids was crying miserably. I didn't want to call the police, but was a little concerned about the kids, so I ended up watching for a while until some guy rolled up to try to calm them down (and of course they started yelling at him, but walked off after a while).


Sometime around 4:30am a car alarm goes off, first just long enough for me to get out of bed and put my glasses on, only to go off when I get to the window. After getting up 3 times, I figure out which car and call the police. Then I guess the battery was running down, so it would go silent for about 20 minutes (i.e. long enough for me to fall asleep), then start up again. This goes on for over an hour. It's a dense neighborhood in NYC. He's probably on the 10th floor of a building 2 blocks away.

So I slept late again and feel like shit now. I hope that fucker's car doesn't start this morning.

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