Are you so far removed from understanding how the world economy is today that you have to sit around bitching and moaning how "kids these days" are so lazy and refuse to get a job? How they sit around doing nothing but using "the internets" day and night? How they refuse to move out of their parents house?

Do you really not understand that even if these "kids" are able to find jobs that they starting wages have been shit for so long that you can't afford the skyrocketing rents for even shit-hole apartments here? Sure - you were able to walk in to a business 40 years ago and demand (and receive) a job that paid well. Hell, you probably had a union job back then - one that paid a pension and had good wages and raises. Good luck finding a union job these days - because as soon as YOU got in charge of things your attitude basically became "fuck you I got mine" and your generation crippled the unions AND the economy. You are the business owners who refuse to hire "kids" because they are "lazy" (lovely bit of logic there asshole - hard to find a job when no one will give you a job because YOU DON'T HAVE A JOB). You are the assholes who work tirelessly to dismantle the same mechanisms you used to get ahead in life. You are the assholes who demand "5 Years Experience" for every entry level job that pays barely above minimum wage. Maybe if you people actually retired (like your parents did) instead of holding on to your jobs with a death grip there would actually be jobs for the next generation.

I realize every generation bitches about the one that comes after it - but I can't think of very many generations that completely destroyed the economy and have worked to destroy the social mechanisms they used for the younger generation and then has the balls to call everyone younger then them lazy when there are no jobs left.

I hope you assholes go home and step on a Lego with bare feet.