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Dear people who study things

I am in a discussion that is out of my league, terminology-wise. So intersectionality is a thing, and I am trying to express the idea that while it is in fact a thing sometimes I just want to talk about being mixed-race without also talking about being poor. And that that is important, to sometimes talk about how you see this thing over here, specifically. Because some people do not know black people or trans people and it is important for them to get a basic understanding of what those things are before they try to understand what it is to be a black trans person.

Perhaps I am just utterly confused (this is likely, and I am the first to admit that I do not really understand academic theory on this stuff; my rule is to try not to be a dick and apologize if I turn out to be one anyway) but there has to be a phrase or something for this concept. What is shorthand for "of course we are made up of various experiences and they all accumulate and overlap but sometimes it just sucks that you got catcalled and that really has nothing to do with whether you have gas in your car?"


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