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Dear POC of GT: What are your thoughts on Luke Cage?

Hello GT,

Sobek and I are bingeing Luke Cage atm. We love every minute of it. But we live in New Zealand, where culture is overly British, with a bit of Maori/Pacifica, which is different, too. I am a cottage cheese white German, and Sobek is European Hispanic. We are unable to have a chat on how POC are represented on Luke Cage, other than “This is awesome, and we need more of it”.

Instead, Sobek asked me to reach out to you, GT. What are your thoughts on the series so far? What is that thing with Jamaicans? Is it a fair representation? Am I the only one in love with Rosario Dawson? How cool that they brought in Dapper Dan! Shades is a great role. I like Maria and Misty, too. I was a bit miffed about Maria’s backstory, though. Was that really necessary? (We only watched the first 7 episodes, so please no spoilers!)

You guys are the real experts on that. Thank you to all of you who are willing to write a few lines, and also thank you for your time reading this to those who don’t feel like it.


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