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Dear Prudence: Now with tone policing!

Call me oversensitive, but Prudie's response to the first letter in today's Dear Prudence seriously irritated me. The LW complains that her husband doesn't understand her experiences with racism, and he doesn't seem to want to understand because he wants to be "colorblind" (my words, not hers), and is there a way to help her husband understand her experiences as a black woman in the US?

Prudie launches into some bizarro white-people-defensiveness response. She states:

He certainly has to concede your superior knowledge about being a black person in America.


Nice condescension. I'm not the only one reading condescension, right? The LW's "superior knowledge?" It just reads as bitchy. Why not say "your lived experiences", since, you know, the LW had literally lived as a black person in the United States.

But your attitude seems to be that unless he is a backboard for your views, he's infuriating.

AAAAND tone policing with a side of the idea that husband should be able to have his own ideas on what it's like to be black in America also. What a load of bullshit. LW's white husband should listen to his wife, who is actually qualified to know what her experiences have been.

And then later she goes on a bit of a feminist-bashing bent again, suggesting that the very last LW doesn't let her husband disagree with her when they discuss feminist literature. Jesus fucking Christ, Prudie, get a grip.

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