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Pretty good stuff from Dear Prudence today, plus a delightful bit from earlier in the week. One young widower tragically lost his wife 5 years ago, but has been been discreetly enjoying a relationship with her younger sister for the past 2. This has been kept completely secret from the parents, but an engagement is looming and they're super gun shy about breaking the news. Another one deals with a situation that probably won't be too unfamiliar for a lot of people here: Long-term family friend surprises and appalls young woman with the suggestion that she go ahead and fuck a married grandpa 40 years her senior. So much for dignity in your old age.

Finally, an earlier letter from the despairing wife of a man with crooked teeth. He went to the dentist and fixed his grill with an actual grill — imitation gold and rhinestones for the next year and a half. She's upset about this new development from a white, 42 year old software engineer, but I'm just hoping this marks a full transformation a la Napoleon Dynamite's brother Kip.

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