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Dear Prudence Question

Are people here still reading Dear Prudence since Mallory Ortberg’s taken over the reins? I’ve pretty much checked out, though it might be a chicken and egg situation where I’ve been reading Slate a lot less in general.

The first problem for me is that I get butthurt about change to begin with, and I was sorry to see Emily Yoffe go. I enjoyed the fiction that Dear Abby was still answering letters long after she was dead and buried. The second problem is that I didn’t read for the good advice, I wanted BAD advice that was trying desperately to be good. Ortberg’s got more of a “can do no wrong” sheen, which I don’t particularly enjoy, since Miss Manners is (deservedly) the only infallible authority in the advice game.

I’m asking because Dear Prudence stuff used to pop up here every so often, and I haven’t noticed one of those threads in a while. I could easily be wrong though, so any current or former readers please weigh in.


One thing I will NOT be missing is Yoffe’s horrendous, awful pun abuse.

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