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I know there was just a post on her but I want to mention a different portion of that article. Basically, the LW is a male identical twin who got really drunk and slept with his brother’s girlfriend when she was really drunk. He is concerned that she did it because she thought he was his brother, and the guilt had been haunting him. Prudie writes a long response about the nature of consent and how this woman had (possibly) consented to a different person and if that is true, what he did falls under the umbrella of rape. JK. She gave a mild speech about how dangerous being drunk is, shrugged her shoulders and told this poor, poor, innocent guy to forgive himself.

A: When people are really drunk they have a propensity to harm themselves and others—they fall off buildings, they drive into other cars. You had sex with Jane. That did no permanent damage, so be grateful if that’s the worst outcome of your youthful overindulgence. You don’t know what Jane knows, but for the past decade she’s acted as if nothing happened. That sounds like a long overdue strategy for you to adopt. It’s way past time for you to draw the curtain over an episode that should have been lost to your conscious awareness and relegated to a vague, alcohol-induced haze. If you continue to obsess over this, seek short-term therapy to talk this out and help relieve you of the ill-founded notion that you’re the evil twin.

I think I agree that it is better left undisclosed after all this time (I think, but I feel kind of squicky about that). I also appreciate that the LW has been concerned about the woman rather than betraying the brother all this time. Prudie, of course, believes this kind of thing is no harm, no foul. If someone impersonates someone else, coerces you into sex, and gets away with it, it is literally LITERALLY just fine. I mean, ignorance is bliss. Right?


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