Dear Random Person,

You are not god of GT, nor are you God of policing what shows on this site. If you don't like people's shared comments or the stance they take on a topic, scroll past that shit or don't read what they wrote. I find it very cowardly to anonymously and randomly unshare comments or unfollow people. I am well aware of Kinja glitches, etc but this is becoming so common place that I am no longer giving the benefit of the doubt and chocking it up to a glitch in Kinja. I think when stuff like this happens it has now become, most likely, deliberate. Also, feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but you sort of violating one of our only rules which is Don't Be a Dick.


I am also really getting tired of the pettiness that seems to have seeped in to this space. You don't like an author or a commenter; skip their post or their share. Now you may be sitting there saying, "Fun, if you don't like the direction GT is taking you are free to leave" and you would be absolutely correct in saying that BUT I could also point out to you that if you are so annoyed at the inane commentary or shared posts that YOU could also leave or at least do what I have been doing for months now and keep your mouth, or in this case fingers, shut.

I know our wonderful mods have asked us to please give unshares, disappearing posts and unfollows the chance to be corrected as it could very well be a glitch. And I totally respect that and normally I would never, ever say thing because I am not a mod and I have no authority but I am and have been a member of this great online community and more and more I am seeing pettiness and poking at people for no reason. This is not Mean Girls and it is not the Yahoo! comment section, if you prefer that type of behavior maybe a forum similar to that would be more up your alley.

@KorbenDallas created a wonderful etiquette guide for GT, which I am sure this post violates, but whatevs, I am fed up with the pettiness and I think pettiness trumps a call out any day of the week. Here is the link if you need a refresher… Discussion of Kinja/GT etiquette and style

If you think someone is sharing too many comments, or whatever your beef with them may be, I suggest you try to work it out like adults. If you are concerned comment shares are going to bring the trolls rolling in than tell the person your concern and make the suggestion that they make their comment as a separate post, just don't be sneaky and unshare and unfollow people. No one likes a sneak or a dick.