Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Dear Singles,

*note: this is not a request for marrieds to come in with #notallmarriedpeople comments*

Saturday I went to a wedding as the date of a single het female.

Holy crap married people can be shitty to singletons! I mean really shitty. I didn't know the married couples that my date knew but every time I interacted with one of the husbands I received a glare from the wife and the wife would promptly interrupt the conversation. The person I went with only knew these two couples [now I understand why she brought a date.]


It got to the point where I actually started feeling guilty like I was doing something wrong. I even went out of my way to talk about how I was happily married thinking that the wives would be nicer to me. Didn't work.

I really don't want to sound misogynist I just wanted to say that I had no idea and I'm sorry if I've ever been an insecure jealous rude person to a single woman who was just having a conversation with my husband.

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