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Dear Students: My job is not to entertain you

but to teach you something.

I’m sorry that you don’t find the material exciting, but that’s what happens with a physics course - it can be monotonous and abstract.


Also, you might be having difficulty understanding because you don’t pay attention in class and whisper with your neighbour and do work from other courses the whole time because you find it “boring”.

I’m teaching the honours section this semester, and, good god, can they be entitled brats. Unlike a lot of teachers, I *loath* teaching the “smartest” students because I find them some of them to be insufferable like the above. (I,e, “I’m super duper smart and everyone tells me so, so I never have had to pay attention in class unless I wanted to because I just understood it. So I don’t pay attention if I don’t find it entertaining enough, but then complain that the teacher isn’t clearly explaining things because I can’t do my assignment and OBVIOUSLY that’s her fault”)

The class I teach is a hard class, one that students usually end up hitting a wall, even when they had done well in physics classes in the past. And many students blame us teachers for lack of understanding, because it obviously can’t be their fault because they are so super smart, right?

Give me my remedial students back please. Sure they struggle, but they are just so much more reasonable.

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