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Dear Travel Experts: help!

I'm going on vacation for the first time since... well, ever, and I need the travel-savvy among us to help me! Or more specifically, anyone who can sniff out a good/bad deal.

My sister and I were planning on taking a 7 day vacation to the Dominican Repub. and I thought I found this great package—- all-inclusive + airfare + taxes for $850 each. I thoroughly researched the resort and it seems like it's a nice place for the amount of money we'd be paying, or so I thought.


So far I've mentioned it to a couple of people and while most have been okay, some are insisting that I could get a better deal. One even went so far as to say I could get me and my sister to an all-incl + airfare for 500. My response: O.O wut.

Now, from what I've been able to find, deals at that price are either not including something-or-other, or are including a crappy resort. Now I'm not picky in the least, but I would like a comfy bed. And a shower. (That's not picky... right?)

So GT, am I missing something? Has anyone spotted great deals they'd like to share? Oh, and has anyone had any experiences with the all-inclusive resort thing? Please let me know below!!!

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