Today, I received two packages. One was delivered by FedEx. I was at work, so you know what they did? They left it with the management office LIKE A NORMAL DELIVERY SERVICE KNOWS TO DO. They followed the clearly marked instructions at the front door.

The other package was delivered by UPS. What did they do? They left my fucking package with a completely random neighbor in the building, multiple doors away, whom I DO NOT KNOW. Why in the world would they do that?! I don’t know these people, they are not authorized to sign for any of my stuff. I knocked on their door, and they aren’t even answering.

What if what’s in the package was time sensitive? What if it was something incredibly personal? I don’t have shame in my game, but I don’t want some random ass stranger signing and possibly opening a package of sex toys meant for me because they don’t fucking know or care who I am, but UPS is giving them free shit. I mean seriously, thank god it’s just some sheet masks and other skincare stuff, but WTF? We have instructions clearly marked on the door saying to leave packages with the management office for a reason! They are paid to handle this professionally!

I called customer service, the agent seemed as alarmed as me, but told me to wait a day. I’m going to give my neighbors the benefit of a doubt and hope they do the right thing and knock on my door or something when they get back. But this is some grade A bullshit.


ETA: Amazon customer service is always great, but that doesn’t make up for how much UPS sucks. Yes, I am petty.