Hi guys. To those of you who are not on GT twitter or weren't paying attention, on Saturday my dad had a mild heart attack. They did a ct scan and a cardiac catheterization and found out that one of his arteries was 90-99% "narrowed", i.e. blocked, so they put in stents. He was lucky in that the blockage was not in one if the main arteries, because it would have caused a lot more damage. His heart is also "very strong," the doc told me, so that's an excellent sign. His prognosis is really good if he can improve his diet, quit smoking and get into an exercise regimen. I could write a lot more about this, because on the day his heart attack happened my brain kept going to the worst case scenario over and over, but I don't feel like crying anymore. Besides, his doc gave us good news.

So, I need help revamping his diet. It's not terrible, but he does eat a lot of unhealthy snacks (coke and Smartfood are his go-to snacks, which, while delicious, are not going to be included in this diet. Especially considering that he's diabetic. No more coke!) I need some vegan or vegetarian dishes that taste great that are at least somewhat simple so he can make them himself. He enjoys cooking but doesn't do it enough because his job exhausts him. Here's what he likes: Italian food and American food, tomatoes, other veggies except cucumbers. He turns up his nose at Thai, Indian, and Middle Eastern foods, but I think if I can tone down any hot-spiciness, I might be able to trick him into liking them.

Any recipe suggestions? Or cookbook suggestions? I immediately thought of buying the "skinny bitch" cookbooks (I borrowed one from a friend and really liked it, which is why it came to mind first) but I realized that he'd be put off by the title. So, maybe something by Isa Chandra Moskowitz? I'm open to suggestions!


ETA- I should also mention that I live with him and will be doing a lot of his cooking for at least the next few months.