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This is how you fucking make a strong, interesting, complex lead character that isn't white. Even if he's still a dude. Baby steps, apparently (although they did make a full game with a mixed race woman lead, I just never played it because I don't own a PS Vita and for some fucking reason it wasn't a main console release).

From the link:

"Interestingly, Freedom Cry goes out of its way to make sure that you're aware of Edward's privilege, and how Adéwalé isn't as welcome pretty much anywhere he goes. Jailers are constantly on the lookout for runaway slaves, and will signal guards upon sight. Overseers will push you and mock you as well, which gives a different overall feel to the DLC. There's one particular gut-wrenching scene that drives that point home near the end, which I won't spoil here — but suffice to say, it was heartbreaking."

For rilly rills, Ade is the best AC protagonist since Ezio (and possibly an even better one, since he's unquestionably WAY smarter than Ezio is). I loved Edward, but he never would've worked as a character in the main game without Adewale as his conscience — somehow, that character is even more fun when you get to play him. And as I'm playing Freedom Cry (which really needed like two more weeks of playtesting to get the bugs out, but whatever), I'm startled by the fact that here is a video game protagonist who thinks more strategically than I actually do. That doesn't happen often with video game characters — more often than not I'm shouting at them to stop being such idiots (as I was with Edward).

Ubisoft is far from a perfect company (AC3 was still a disaster I have trouble forgiving them for it), but they're better about this stuff than most companies.

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