Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

... please don't leave your dog in the car when it's 80 degrees and the sun is beating down.

I left my volunteer shift at the shelter this afternoon around 2 PM while the afternoon sun was beating down and the air temp was at 80 degrees. When I came across your car just up the street from the shelter, your pup was stressed and was starting to pant. While the window was open an inch, there was no air movement and the inside of your car was starting to become warm.

While I could have immediately called 911 and had the police break the window out to rescue your very furry pup, I opted instead to run back to the shelter and asked the staff and other volunteers to help try and figure out whose car it was. Thankfully, we found you within a few moments; otherwise, I would've gladly played the "bad guy" and called the cops to make sure your pup was okay.


I hope that you learn your lesson from the warning given by the shelter staff that leaving your dog in the car for an extended period is dangerous and that you don't do it again. If I see your SUV with a dog inside of it again, though, I will *not* be this nice again.

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