You are supposed to be beautiful and snowy, like these trees promise me. Usually I love you. After all, you have Christmas! You let me drink mulled wine and light candles and watch the weather outside my massive window, and snuggle, and it's awesome!

Instead, you bring on the Attack of the Nummular Eczema. Swear to god, guys, the first time I found one of these blasted spots I thought I had the plague. It's actually eczema, but in small spot form. They pop up everywhere. Lately they've decided that my face is a really super cool place to hang out, but I'm also getting a lot more on my arms and legs than usual.

Oh right, that's because the only treatment for this shit (and it is shit. they take forever to go away, I've had one on my cheek for months now. do you people even know how difficult it is to moisturize/treat acne prone skin that's ALSO prone to eczema? it's ridiculous) is constant lotion application. All over. Yeah, this is what I was prescribed, by my doctor. But I'm lazy, so I don't do it.

Then I suffer.

WARNING DO NOT GOOGLE. Jesus Christ on a Cracker. Mine is definitely not THAT bad. Dear Holy God.


Who else has an extremely first world problem to whine about tonight?