I have the morning free today, so I set my alarm to get up in time to go to the 9am class at my gym. I stayed up pretty late last night though, so I ended up snoozing right through it and getting up at 8:52am. I mention this though, because if I had gotten up, I would've gotten to the gym around 8:45 and my phone would've been in my gym bag from then until 10am and I would not have looked at it.

When I woke up at 8:52am, I looked at my phone, saw I had a few emails and text messages, and then went to the bathroom. When I went back in my bedroom, I looked at them. I work for a nanny service and they had booked me for a gig TODAY from 10am to 5pm at 8:47 am. There were no missed calls, just a text and an email.

I mentioned in my last post that for on-call nanny jobs, we are expected to keep our schedule up to date on our company's website. Well, I am currently in a small group of nannies testing out a new app that is meant to make all of this easier. Last week, I had marked myself as unavailable after noon today. I meant to also mark it on the website (during this testing period we are supposed to do both), but spoiler alert: I did not.

So yes, I messed up by not updating my availability in both places. But from what I understand, my boss is also supposed to do everything in both places, so she did not look at the scheduler on my app, just the one on the website.


Anyway, I immediately called the office twice, but it went straight to the answering machine. I responded to my boss's text saying "Sorry, I just saw this booking. Aren't I marked as unavailable after noon today?" She said "In the app or the website? Remember you have to do both." I replied saying I thought I had (I really thought I did when I submitted my timesheet online last week), and she said "Looks like it was only on the app." At this point it was 9:20am and the job was supposed to start at 10am in a suburb about 30 minutes away. She didn't say anything else. I was incredibly confused. What was I supposed to do? She gave me no further instructions. I waited for something else to happen, but it didn't. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. 5 minutes later I said I could do it until 2pm if it was an emergency, but I really can't stay until 5pm.

I mean I'm aware that I half-fucked up with updating my availability, but even if I had nothing going on later today, who thinks it is a good idea to schedule a nanny with less than 90 minutes notice in the morning (even less if you count driving time) without SPEAKING TO HER FIRST. I could've slept right through it (pretty much all the nannies are college students, this can't be surprising). I could've been at the gym, away from my phone until the very moment the job was supposed to start. Just last Friday I was scheduled for a same day job, but it started at 4pm and I was scheduled for it at 10am. I know it's not policy to call before you are scheduled, but I think in this case IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A REALLY SMART IDEA TO CALL FIRST. The last text message I have in my phone is from my boss from another day where they had a same-day job asking if I could do it, and that job had 3 hours notice. NINETY MINUTES NOTICE?!?!?!? AT EIGHT FORTY-FIVE AM?!?!?!! REALLY??!?!?!??! HOW IS THIS A GOOD IDEA WITHOUT TALKING TO THE PERSON YOU ARE SCHEDULING?!?!??!


Anyway, I still haven't heard anything back and it is 10:20am. We have only been communicating via text so I have no idea what my boss is thinking or how she is feeling, which is frustrating. I have just started getting booked for more on-call jobs (I don't have a regular nannying position through this company at the moment, but I did for 3 years. I've just been doing on-call stuff lately and hopefully getting a regular part-time job in the fall). I'm afraid they'll stop scheduling me for things now. I know people can request nannies with this little notice, but we can't guarantee anything.