I love sports. I love hockey. I love the Blackhawks (after the Sabres). Game seven of the Western Conference Finals is tonight. It is a big game. I live in a house with eight other people so the TV is always taken and I have to go to a bar to watch these games. I am a woman. And therein lies the problem.

Listen, I just want to watch sports. That's all I want. Yeah, I know Friday night for game six y'all were a little startled when I walked up to the bar alone and asked if the hockey game was going to be put on (seriously, who needs even one TV for basketball, let alone three). Thank you for switching one of the TVs (the one right in front of the only open bar stool) to the game. I appreciate it. But world, can we please not lose our shit over the fact that there is now a girl sitting at the bar? And over the fact that she's actually there to WATCH A GAME and not just a girlfriend/SO accompanying a man who wants to watch basketball?

Yeah, we can chitchat (when the game isn't on). I'm not saying I expect to sit there at the bar for a few hours not interacting with anyone at all. What I am saying is that I want the same consideration all the men at the bar are getting. So, don't try to talk to me about my work/life when the game is on. If we have to have this convo at all please wait until commercials. Also, when it's the third period and the hawks are down by one and this is an elimination game for them please don't start teasing me about needing to smile and have faith. Hockey is stressful, this period is stressful, I'm not even flipping out. I'm just minding my own damn business staring at the TV and trying to keep my heart from falling out of my chest. Don't fucking tell me to smile. It's not like I'm yelling and getting into people's faces over whether Kobe or Lebron is better and whether we should care if Kobe raped someone (the angry guy's vote, btw, was no we shouldn't). NO. I'M JUST FUCKING WATCHING A STRESSFUL GAME AND MINDING MY OWN DAMN BUSINESS.

I have to do work today and then tonight, for my own damn enjoyment, I'm going to a bar to watch game seven. So please, please leave me alone to watch the game. And when the game is stressful, don't tell me to smile.