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death & dogs (update)

Warning: Young man dying. Update: Real loves, not puppies.

I'll keep this short.

My oldest nephew, now 28, had 2 friends since kindergarten. They were a triumvirate of hi jinx, humor & ice hockey.


At 19, the first one was drunk and got hit by a train. He was with other people. The 2 brother friends were not there but never really recovered from it. So began #2's descent into drugs and my nephew's descent into major depression.

This week #2 overdosed. He was a gentle, beautiful broken soul and was widely loved by everyone. I've loved him all his life. Now there is 1.

We are heartbroken for too many reasons for me to list here. This was the most brutal funeral I have attended in my entire life. My poor nephew; I can't even imagine his inner pain. I've never buried 1 dear friend let alone 2. His outer pain held up until the moment, as a pallbearer, he carried the casket to the alter. He placed his hands, then his head, on the casket and hugged it. He came up broken. My niece, sitting next to me, was broken, too.

I don't really pray anymore, but I did today. For my young friend, his parents & sisters, my sister, my niece but most of all for my nephew. I hope God can bring him peace.


Dogs #2: My pair of assholes pulled an entire stock pot full of spaghetti sauce with 12 meatballs & 12 sausages down onto the floor and ate it while I was at church. It was to be delivered to the family this evening. I've never wanted to beat some dogs so badly, but of course I didn't. Assholes.

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