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Death of the neg/PUA, rise of the "social development coach"

As with all the great trends that are really relevant to your life, the NYTimes is ON IT.

Anthony Recenello, a social development coach, which is not, he stresses, a pickup artist. His companion, John, who asked to be identified only by his first name to avoid embarrassment, is a restaurant manager who pays Mr. Recenello $1,000 a month for four sessions of hands-on mentoring, the ultimate goal of which, he stresses, is not to pick up lots of women.

I'm DEFINITELY not rolling my eyes reading this article. I stress, I am DEFINITELY not rolling my eyes.

"I'm looking for eye contact," he said. "It shows respect for the person." He demonstrated his preferred method of making eye contact: head tilted slightly down, eyes raised, signaling what he calls "meditative mingling."


WRONG. If you really like a woman you're supposed to do it like they do on the discovery channel and poop on them.

Mr. Recenello has previously worked as a babysitter, gymnastics instructor and life coach for young children — he wrote guides for parents called "Charismatic Kid: The New Breed of Superhero" and "Let's Let Kids Do Something Big."

What's his $1000/month dating advice?

Be yourself, don't worry about rejection, be vulnerable, be present. Be passionate about your interests, and men and women will be attracted to you.

"Not only is it morally good, but I think it's more effective," he said. "That stuff, like the neg, is outdated."


Customer reactions?

"I was struck by the caring part, the wanting to be there for you part," said Gustavo Sanchez, 26....

John said he thought the money he paid for his mentoring was well spent. "It's tough," he said. "But you spend money on a lot of stuff and it doesn't make you happy. This is the best investment, because it's an investment in the self."


If you would like dating advice, I only charge $999 a month. If you're a GT-er, I'll make it $900.

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