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Death Wish Do We Really Need A Remake To A Classic 70s Movie?

I first saw this movie when I was n high school in the early 80s. I LOVED it. OMG one of the rare times my late grandmother put on a movie that I just loved. I have seen it a couple of times since.

Ironically both Death Wish and the character The Punisher both were in public view in 1974. The Punisher in February 1974. He did not have his own comic for years.


Paul Kersey like Castle were victims of violence. Castle lost his son and wife to a gangland shooting. Kersey lost his wife and his daughter was left for dead but lived, both raped.

Kersey went to the police hoping they would do something. He went through the proper channels so took it upon himself to find and kill the rapists and killers. He did not need a nickname like The Punisher or The Batman. He was just an average man wantng justice after failing to find justice.


There was a stark realism about this film. Nothing flashy, no side stories. It was almost documentary like in filming.

The original trailer for first movie.

Now we have a remake coming with Bruce Willis. First Bronson welll there has only been one Charles Bronson a man who personifies at least on the screen a man who will love intensely but if crossed or family is hurt “so help you God”.


He would.have been the ideal Batman in the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns if it was made in the 1970s.

Bruce Willis he likes playing tough guys and could do well. Bronson is forever one of the toughest tough guys on the Silver Screen.


Anyone going to the remake? Anyone else besides me loved the original? If you have not seen it watch it.

The remake he seems to be going after a lot more folks then ones who attacked his family. Also the original movies had no crash bang scenes. Iirc the original were all at point blank range after being convinced they were the guilty ones.


Don’t bother with the Bronson sequels none were good. Original was a classic.

Although if you enjoy novels or comics about family members who lost most of their family members to violence let me just say beyond any doubt pick up War Against The Mafia by Don Pendelton. He wrote the first 36 novels (minus book 16) taken together I would argue is the American Don Quixote actually its Mack Bolans favorite novel when he talks to his new and only partner April Rose (Mack Bolan is the main character aka The Executioner) and he predate both Kelsey and Castle by about five years.


Based on the Bruce Willis trailer I would save your money and see the Bronson movie and get War Against The Mafia.

Why the hell has there not been an Executioner movie or TV series? He is a far better character then Frank Castle. There are about 800 novels about this character no other comes close for novels I believe second to Perry Rhodan. Not counting Graphic Novels

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