Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Wanted to download some stray thoughts here.


-Warren seemed to kick ass but that is no surprise. Also I already like her so I’m probably biased.


-Beto, Beto, Beto. I’m sorry they all used you as a punching bag. But I’m also sorry you were so ready to be punched! You would’ve been largely ignored if the other frontrunning white guys were on that stage so at least you got attention.

-Looking more closely at Castro today. Admittedly I don’t have all his plans and positions memorized so I’m going to give him a hard look.

-Tulsi, no. We appreciate your service but I don’t appreciate almost anything else you’ve ever done.

-DeBlasio clearly got some real good Political Consultant Training. He took on the role of Old Yeller in Bernie’s absence. He also seemed to...I dunno, be reading lines from what I’d expect other candidates to say? Obviously lots of down with the man stuff, then toward the end threw in a nice “coastal elites” line. Look I think the elites thing is overblown but you are the MAYOR OF NYC. You can’t throw that around.


-Inslee’s face looked like he was staring into the gateway to hell. I mean, I think he did all the right things and I was pleased he kept bringing up climate. But impending doom us depressing. I hope he sticks around a while to force the more frontrunning candidates to focus on climate.

-Delaney and Ryan can shut up. They got more air time than they’ll ever see again in their lives and they spent it trying to interrupt others and remind everyone that somehow Democrats haven’t been focused enough on white men - who constitute a minority of voters within the party.


-Amy Klobuchar - OK

-Corey Booker - No more panic Spanish. I am not a big Booker fan based on some things, but I appreciated that he spoke forcefully and interjected (WHEN IT WAS RELEVANT TO THE CONVERSATION, DEBLASIO!). He also looked a little like he’d seen the devil.



-No one answered the gun question to my satisfaction.

-No one answered the Iran question to my satisfaction! Although I think they might have gotten there given more time.


-I don’t like the divide over whether we get rid of private health insurance because I think it’s a red herring, or missing the point. I think it was Klobuchar who said something like she wasn’t worried about it because we weren’t getting there in 4 years regardless. Or we shouldn’t. And I have to agree with her, even though I do want the private industry eliminated. What I wanted asked and answered was: whether that is a goal they plan on working toward and how they want to get there. All we got was squabbling about private insurance, as if we are only talking and LITERALLY RIGHT NOW, followed by grand promises to get everyone access to health care.

-I loved the yelling about abortion rights contest though

-As expected, the climate change discussion was limited, which I didn’t like. I think it was Inslee saying he’d work with Republican Senators if coastal areas to pass legislation. I think he’s underestimating how much they and their constituents would rather fuck over a Democrat than save their own assess.


-No one adequately addressed how they could get things done with the Grim Reaper in charge of the Senate. Someone said eliminate filibuster but that only works if he is minority leader. Not majority.

-WTF was that stupid question to name the biggest threat in one word?


Thoughts? Rebuttals?

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