Senator Sanders blew it.

A) His capitalism belief seemed like he was still living in the 60s I expected him to say “down with the man”. Hillary destroyed him with the line “saving caitalism from itself” and going after excesses.

B) I cringed when Hillary disagreed with him and he called it shouting. I yelled at the tv he was louder and stop tone policing.


C) His north of Mass. roots really showed with his rural argument about guns and his answer about Black Lives Matter seemed memorized. VT is 98 percent white or close to it. . Although he lives part of the time in DC.

2. Jim Webb I kept expecting him to say “oh sorry, I thought this was for the republican debate”. His line on affirmative action and Iran came across republican lite.

3. Lincoln Chaffee he referred to himself as granite I thought clay.

4. Hillary owned Bernie from capitalism to gun control.

I liked the debate but Hillary won.