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Debate Line Of Night "I Will Keep You In Suspense" by Trump

Well I never thought a Fox anchor would with one simple question kill Trump’s campaign amd make the republicans reach from Tums and booze this was it.

Wallace asked twice, the second time was really a “are you certain you want to answer this way”. Trump then for the first time refused to take the really easy, good for you bait double downed and finished with “I will keep you in suspense”.

No. That is scary beyond belief but also goes into his mentality of thinking this is a reality show where the winner is announced in last few seconds. Although you know he will not.


Senator Flake and Senator Graham have already spoken out against him.

Now every republican running needs to be asked “If Trump loses the election should he concede the election”.

Trump needs to lose decisively. As both Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt both MSNBC republicans said he disqualified himself from the race.

On a personal note an apology to Chris Wallace I suspected he would be horrible and throwing softballs at Trump and hard questions to Clintin.  He was fairly.even handed although the concession question was a softball question Trump literally blew his campaign up with that. I really thought his Dad, Mike would be rolling over in his grave but now I suspect his dad would be pleased.


Still not a fan of Chris Wallace though, let me be clear on this..

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