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Debate the least worst losah

Let’s face it they were all scary to listen to. Some more then others but narrow degrees.

Carly F. Two good moments over the face comment. Also the drug ussue talking about her son. Also best closing statement.

Trump. He listened. Seriously shocked me. The vaccine debate he actually listened to Carson. Trump was still wrong in the autism conclusion but he listened. Also listened to Christie about SocSecurity.


He blew it attacking George W Bush the way he did. This crowd was seriously Bush supporters and at least totally establishment. Totally misread the crowd.

Cruz so seemed like a radical used car salesman.

Walker well Trump had the perfect moment to zing Walker good. When Walker said 100k marched against him. Trump should have interjected with “they were school teachers if you are intimated by them Isis is a whole lot scarier”.

Rand Paul he is so not his father. Not a fan of his dad but you could never accuse his dad as being childlike.

Chris C. was surprisingly least scary. Rudy Guiliani like with his 911 obsession yet he seemed reasonable.


Jeb well he did what any good brother did and defend W.

Huckabee well elect him well just say Christian Sharia Law for next four years, of his presidency. Same with Santorum and Jindel from debate one.


Carson seriously he comes across as timid.

Winner of least scary. Christie.

Best night: Carly totally put Trump in his place over the face comment.

I predict Trump will still be in the lead againt for new polls Carrly second taking poll numbers from Carson. Fourth placd Rubio will solidy as the eatablishment candidate.


Jeb I would not be too surprised if drops out before votes are cast and throwing his support for Rubio. Jeb neither hurt nor helped himself.

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