As usual, my post stems from a FB post. A friend posted this article (click bait-y, I'll summarize) "Do Not Apologize for Having Loud Sex", to a chorus of agreement and an argument with a lone opponent.…

Basically, all advice etiquette columnists say you should politely address the issue of a disturbingly sex-noisy neighbor, and the author says you should be as noisy as you want, it's not that long, and in shared spaces hearing other peoples' various noises is part and parcel.

So the camps seem to be "do your thing however it works best for you" and "have some regard for your neighbors!" The comments on the FB post in the former category come across (to me) as trying to prove how sex positive they are, and I kind of rolled my eyes. Just because you don't want to hear your neighbors fucking doesn't mean you're sex negative. As you may have guessed, I'm in the latter category. It's rude to play loud music, have the tv on high volume, move furniture, roller skate, or whatever past a certain hour, why would loud sex be any different? I get that it can be fun, I vary in how loud I can be, but it's never necessary for me to be loud to be enjoying myself. (Someone also made a comment along the lines of "it should be lasting at least an hour!" and I rolled my eyes again.) Do no loud sex havers have kids? Do they think you just have to have bad sex after kids? For me, sex has gotten better, and I don't have to wake anyone else up because of it.
What say you, GT? Am I just a grumpy old now that I'm in my 30s?