From the makers of "I would be willing to be arrested for my googling from being spied on if it stopped a real bomber!" (…, I'm on my iPad so I'll come back and format it later) , Pyrax brings you "everyone has an internet connection!"

Today's debate centered around "does the internet make us smarter?". I was placed on the 'no' side; either way would have been fine because this is definitely a debatable topic. However, some of these much Notre Dame privilege. I argued that we can't judge a person's running stamina by how far they can drive, just like we can't judge someone's intelligence until we take away the internet, and since our mind stores internet information a a path to the information instead of as the information itself, a person educated through the internet is no more smart than a person without that information when you take away that tool. I know that there are good, logical rebuttals to this, but the rebuttal I got certainly wasn't one of them. "But everyone has the internet so it doesn't matter! Even in airplanes you can get the internet now!" I'm sorry privileged white woman whose family probably pays your way through a $60k/year college, but that is just not true. Lucky I had read that book on low-income schools and could immediately come back with schools with thousands of students and 3 computers.

She chose not to answer my question of if less privileged children are less smart than rich kids because they can't afford the internet, but I think I know her answer.