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When I think of weddings I always think of Father of the Bride, My Best Friends Wedding, Steel Magnolias, The Wedding Singer. This scene always gets me. So funny!

I accidentally proposed to my boyfriend last month. We were enjoying $5 burgers at our local pub and I blurted out, “How would you feel about getting married next December 2018?” I realized that December 30, 2018 would mark exactly 10 years from our very first date. He immediately said, “That’s such a great idea!” and started kicking himself that he hadn’t thought of it first. And then said, “This doesn’t count as the proposal!!” I said, “It does! I win! I got to it first!” haha, it was all very silly.

So, 10 years ago he was a young college guy, 21 years old, I was 23. We dated for about a year, broke up but remained friends. Then dated on and off for a year or so and then got back together officially in 2012. I really liked the idea of rechristening our original 2008 date just cause.


In early December we went to this fun little shop about town for the holidays and stopped in at a local jewelry store and tried on some rings. And then a week later I asked his mom for her blessing to marry her son and she was so, so happy. Said she has always wanted me as a daughter. A week after that he asked my parents for their blessing. I got all teary eyed. My parents had big ol’ smiles on their faces. It’s funny how very real things got. Its so cute, cause over the holidays both our families have been offering their congratulations on our engagement. And he has been introducing himself to new family and friends as my fiance And has been referring to me as “my future wife” ever since we watched The Room.

Gosh, now that that huge story is out of the way!..I think, in theory, we would love to have a big ol’ wedding with friends and family but man, we really just don’t want to spend the money and stress on that. So, I think we’re gonna do something small like get married at City Hall and then have a nice sit down dinner with our immediate family and a few friends.

What I think we really want to spend money on is a bomb-ass European vacation. Neither of us has been out of the county and we’d love to spend 2 weeks traveling, eating, drinking and exploring.

Any recommendations on your favorite places you’ve visited? We’re really open to anything. We thought Berlin or somewhere else in Germany would be fun since fiance speaks German. Italy would be wonderful! Take a cooking class and visit vineyards. The United Kingdom would be so much fun. London has always been #1 on my list to visit. And I’d love to see Ireland and Scotland. Going to a Scandinavian country is also on the list. Would be awesome to check out the Aurora Borealis.


Anywho, if you happened to make it to the end of this very long post, thank so much for reading and for any recs you have! :)

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