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Deceptive and Probably Illegal Lengths Missouri Went through to Get Execution Drugs

Heard this in the car on my way home from work.


A compounding pharmacy in Earth City (north St. Louis county) mixed the execution drugs.


So much secrecy surrounded this process that on all official documents the pharmacy, Foundation Care, was referred to as M7. Even the state attorney general, who has to defend this decision, did not know the name.

When they state needed the drugs, the second-in-command for the Missouri Department of Corrections would meet with them and give them an envelope with $7000 in cash in exchange for 4 vials of the drug. That’s roughly $135k in cash paid to a business since 2014.

The previous attorney general, Chris Koster, set up this arrangement. Totally unrelated that he now works for Centene Corporation which owns Foundation Care. Centene, by the way, is now saying Foundation Care will no longer produce execution drugs.

Beyond all the other horrors of this, Foundation Care produces medications for cystic fibrosis patients. I would not be surprised, based on all the ethical red flags here, that they produce shitty products for those patients.

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