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Deceptively Named Things

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I bought a treat at the grocery store called Mocha Bars, and there’s no chocolate in it at all!


It wasn’t until I looked it up that I found a comment from the creator’s great granddaughter explaining the name.

My Great grandmother “invented” these!NEW
by: Just another Turek girl

There was a contest at the bakery, open to all of the employees, to create a new feature dessert. My great grandmother, Helen Turek, created this recipe, and they’ve been a hit ever since! While I won’t tell you the precise recipe, I will tell you the story of the name.

It isn’t MOCHA cake, it’s MOLKA cake... like POLKA. Most of the people in that town, Montgomery, are all of Czech descent, but there are many people from other Slavic areas of the Balkans. At the turn of the last century, that area of the world was run by both the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in the North, and the Ottoman Empire, in the South. Molka is actually a Middle Persian word, and since the upper classes of Ottoman Turks all spoke and wrote Persian as the preferred language, this makes sense...

I can’t wait to tell my mom that grandma Helen’s cakes are famous on the internet!


It’s still good, but I wanted chocolate in my baked good. WHY DID THEY CHANGE THE LETTERING?! IT’S NOT WHAT THAT MEANS ANYMORE!

What deceptively named thing have you been fooled by?

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