So I'm quitting my job, it feels good. I moved to Australia and picked it up, but I've become increasingly fed up with working below the level I was before and the fact that I'd be stuck in the role if I continued as I'd need to be sponsored visa wise - which would mean I couldn't go elsewhere. I've also only seen Sydney so far, which seems a shame considering the epic size of this place.

However, I can extend my current visa by doing farm work for 3 months here by a year. A bit of investigation has lead me to a training scheme where I learn to herd cattle and do general farm duties, then get onto a farm where I get to do it for realz, at reasonable pay (i.e. enough to afford the exorbitant booze here). I now have my place booked, my bed on sale on Gumtree (Australian Craiglist minus the entertaining personals) and a neatly typed letter in my hand.