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Decisions, decisions

I feel like an asshole, but I'm 95% sure that I'm not in this situation. The other day, we were assigned to clinic groups. During our first and second year in these groups, we assist the 3rd and 4th year students in clinic. Then we take over for them when we're in our 3rd and 4th years. So basically, the group you're in now is the group you'll most likely be with till 4th year.

Yesterday, one of my classmates messaged me and asked me if we could switch groups. He's assigned to a much smaller, newer clinic. Like, it's a super nice clinic. The clinic I'm assigned to is large and busy and loud and the facilities are nowhere near as nice. However, I kind of want to be in the busier environment for the challenge? Plus, I like the people in my group, although some of them are his close friends (which is probably another reason he asked me to switch, but he didn't say this). His main reason for switching was that he wanted to be in the busier clinic but also, his fiancee is a year ahead of us and she's in that group, so he could assist her. Like, I get it. I totally get that you want to work with your fiancee. So this is why I feel like such an asshole for saying no.


I mean, it's good to do favors for people. I spent the yesterday night and today morning like stressing over what I should decide. I'm one of those people who is really indecisive and stresses out about the simplest things. Yes, this was actually a really stressful decision to make!

His response was really understanding and he said there was no pressure. But I still feel like an asshole. These are my current and future colleagues, and I should bend over backwards for people when I can because it could help me out when I need help. Plus, I don't want any resentment from him, his fiancee, or his friends in my group (I don't think there will be resentment because they're all very nice people, but you never know). But like, in the end, I don't want to switch groups. Why couldn't he have talked to the administration beforehand about this? Please validate my decision and tell me that I'm not an asshole.

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