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Declaring it Fuck it Monday. Fuck Everything.

Ok. Today just sucks. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks.

1) I literally just got thrown out of a coffee shop for stating I wanted to study. He threw me out during a downpour. Fuck first cup cafe. And when I say downpour, I mean you can't see three feet in front of you downpour. I was the only customer in the shop. THE ONLY ONE. FUCK. THAT COFFEE SHOP. It's also next to Tulane and Loyola NOLA. HOW THE FUCK ARE STUDENTS NOT YOUR MAIN CUSTOMERS. FUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOU. YOU THREW ME INTO THE RAIN YOU ASSHOLE.

2) My paycheck got delayed and/or I miscalculated when I was going to get paid. This is a problem because a) I have to pay for my future apartment's furniture tonight (I've delayed the guy for five days now b) I have to pay the rest of my security deposit later this week.


3) In order to fix this problem I had to borrow money from my parents. Which was fine. However, I then went to put the money in my paypal account only to discover this was going to take 3-4 days to transfer AFTER I PUT THE MONEY INTO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT. It's then going to take another 3-4 days to get the money BACK into my bank account.

So, now I have to give the guy cash tonight and have to put it on my adult credit card. Which will make me have to pay interest on it.

4) Paypal won't cancel the transfer. I have spent an hour on the phone with them. Christ.

5) I'm now concerned there is something wrong with my direct deposit and whether I can pay next month's rent in time.


6) My partner is in Poland. It's been almost three months. I miss him and I want sex.



This has been your edition of Kaiser is a cranky ass motherfucker right now.

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