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Decoding OKC: Looking for "friends".

It seems half of us are on OKC and posting about it, but I also have a burning question to ask those of you more experienced in the ways of the OkCupid:

When (heterosexual male) people are looking for "new friends" only, but also list "girls who like guys" and "who are single" in their criteria, plus post their own status as "single", what is this code for? Are they actually looking for friends, just using oddly strict criteria? Are they looking for casual sex? Are they reluctant to confess they're actually looking for something more serious, or attempting to avoid rabid clingy crazies who will stalk them after one date? I'm so confused! (For the record, I'm ideally looking for long-term - definitely not a fuckbuddy-type of arrangement because I can't do those without them messing with my head.)


It's extra-frustrating because a bunch of the profiles I feel most attracted to are like this. Then again, given how none of the people I message seem to be getting back to me, and none of the people approaching me interest me, all this might be a moot point anyways. :/ Woe be me, etc.

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