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Hey, y’all, we’re revamping our basement and I need some ideas. Homey’s in the process of taking down the hanging ceiling and we found that the actual ceiling and exposed duct work are a pretty ivory color. (Why would someone cover that up with ceiling tiles?!)

Anyway, we’re also about to put down some laminate, similar to this color:


So, now I’m trying to figure out what color to paint the walls. Since it’s a basement, there’s not really any natural light. And it’s where we keep our TV, so we spend a fair amount of our evenings there. I’d love something to go with the ivory ceiling (really not looking to repaint that) and, of course, the new floor. Any ideas?

Oh, and lighting fixture ideas? Right now, we’re rocking some can lights and a couple of these puppies, which were hidden by the hanging ceiling. Thanks, guys!!

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