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Hi GT, happy Sunday! Also I legit forgot that it’s Easter, so happy Easter Sunday to y’all that celebrate. Anyway! My request:

I’m looking for a couple coat hooks to mount on the wall. My house doesn’t have a coat closet, because the washer and dryer live there. So we have this little nook near the front entrance for shoes and coats (please don’t let this picture be huge):


So I’m thinking of adding a couple hooks on the other wall, for when we have guests over, and maybe a fun little print or some decorative thing. So far I’ve found these hooks, which are kinda what I’m looking for but also aren’t wowing me:

Hm weird that embedded... hope the formatting isn’t ridiculous!

Also, just looking for decorating recs in general. Spring always puts me in the mood to beautify my living space, and I want to jump on the urge this year before it fades and I lose momentum. My house is very beige in general, with dark wood furniture, so I’m craving some bright color.

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