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Decoration Advice

My apartment has an exposed brick wall. It's very pretty. But...how do I hang things on it???

I'm not sure if "exposed brick wall" is the most accurate way to put it, but it's real brick, textured with deep grooves and mortar. It's painted over a shiny white. I love the texture, I think it makes that wall look very interesting, but it's also the biggest wall in my apartment and all I have on it is one light thing (one of those canvas pulled over a wood frame that's like 1 square foot) because it's the only thing I could get stuck with indoor double sided tape. I have some light mirrors (the entire package weighs under 5 pounds and there are 5 of them), but the tape doesn't work for them, I'm guessing because the texture means it's not sticking as securely as it would otherwise.


Could I get the outside double sided tape that's supposed to be twice as strong and have it work? Would command hooks work on that kind of texture, since the back of the mirrors has a tall screw hole that I might be able to use them with? Am I doomed to a blank wall forever, or high school posters hung up with stick tack? :(

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