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Deep, Dark Sleep.

So, BoyHeathen and I have been the kind of stressed that is legit bad for your health. I am just not sleeping as deeply as I used to. I feel as tired waking up, and it seems like I am not getting the deepest sleep. I am also not recalling my dreams (something I could always do) which makes me wonder if I am not getting as much REM sleep as I used to. I downloaded an app that has the soothing sounds, but it also has binaural and isochronic settings. The interwebs are... less than helpful. Some places call any effects purely placebo, while dome sites tout binaural sounds as nothing less than miraculous. I’ve tried a bunch of the other sleep advice, and I want to avoid drugs if at all possible. Any body tried the binaural or isochronic sleep stuff? Any good?


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