Dear Diary Groupthink,

Driving this morning in my cloud of white guilt, I kept thinking of how much I thought people I know wouldn’t vote Trump. They said they wouldn’t, for fuck’s sake. My office full of Republicans would all stand around talking shit about him - even until recently. Taking this for granted, and knowing they are somewhat assholes politically, I just let everything slide. I’m not in a swing state, it’s fine. But you know what? It doesn’t matter because the sentiment is the same - the racists are emboldened because of their numbers.

POCs, feel free to roll your damn eyes at me, because I feel so suddenly stupid. I thought I was doing a good enough job listening to “woke” people but like, I didn’t UNDERSTAND it. The skepticism and the pessimism and faithlessness you had in white people, I didn’t FEEL it no matter what. I believe I am FEELING some fraction of it now, mixed in with grieving the loss of loved ones to this cancer I don’t want anything to do with.

This pain is pain white liberals need to experience right now. Oh, Cognitive Dissonance, how I miss thee. Throw tomatoes at me. I deserve it.

For a change of tone, I’m listing all the actions I have taken so far. I think we need to have this conversation frequently and not lose this momentum. Also, list any ideas you have or things you want to do, get help with, etc.

  1. Set up recurring donations to ACLU and Planned Parenthood.
  2. Bought a subscription to the Washington Post (because I think they did an amazing job this election cycle and I want them to keep doing it).
  3. Signed up to phone bank for Foster Campbell (although someone did call me, they are apparently pretty overwhelmed so I haven’t gotten any instruction on actually doing this yet). He is a democratic candidate for senate that has an outside chance of winning Louisiana’s runoff election on Dec. 10th. Full disclosure: he is anti-choice but literally everyone on the ticket who had a shot was. His record on women’s issues (like trying to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers) is good though.
  4. Inquired about becoming a legal observer for protests (haven’t heard back).

I am leaving for France for Thanksgiving week, and after that I want to do some more concrete things.




PS. Is anyone else like, DYING to quit their job suddenly? I’m having trouble doing things that have no meaning.