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Deep Thoughts with brightersideoflife

I watched The Little Mermaid tonight. One of my favorites!

So, spoiler alert, Ariel marries Eric and now merfolk know that humans aren’t intentionally evil fish-murderers and humans now know all the shit in the ocean is sentient.

Eric’s kingdom is probably heavily invested in aquatic resources for food and trade, given that they are located on a nice coastline with a strong aquatic ecological system. Do they just suddenly have to revamp their subsistence economy to not eat the future queen’s* friends and relatives? If they don’t, will King Triton decide to destroy them and take his daughter back?


I mean, that’s my NOW WHAT question from this movie. That whole kingdom probably eats more seafood than any other protein, that’s going to suck to change. Let alone have the infrastructure to switch to emphasize other animal resources. Wait - the seagulls and sea lions and dolphins are also sentient — will they decide to go vegan? SO MANY QUESTIONS

At least they never have to worry about hurricanes while Ariel is alive.

*also, where the hell is the king? Eric is old enough that even if the king is dead Eric shouldn’t be a prince anymore.

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