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Defining Motherhood

LaComtesse’s post got me thinking. Let’s talk about what motherhood means. It can mean different things to different people; sometimes good, sometimes bad. The moms on here have the perspective of what it means to be a mother vs what it means to have a mother. Most of us did have mothers growing up. This is not limited to the woman who gave birth to you. It is however you define mother

As a mother, motherhood means protecting my children while allowing them to grow independently as people. It means guiding them so they can learn to make good decisions in life and to be caring people. It means even after they’re adults I’m still there to give them hugs and give advice when it is asked for.


One of my daughters has a different perspective on motherhood. She will never call me mom. She has explained that it’s because to her the word mom has so many negative associations from her biological mother. To her I am a positive force in her life.

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