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Definition of Bratting; The Spanking For Jesus article

So, like many people on the main page article, I looked up bratting, and this is one of the results that came up. I just, I want to give her a hug and tell her life doesn't have to be this way, but I feel like since she's willing to stay, she won't listen to anything I have to say.

ETA: So Maintenance Night is actually when the husband spanks his wife just to remind her to be good. Euch. Also, I've found the most horrific paragraph of the top post.

Now here’s the rub, it was maintenance night and even though he’s been letting things go and skipping when he wants all the sudden cause he’s upset , he wants to do maintenance. I call foul!!!! He says it’s not my choice I have to submit. whatever I dropped it with a few more comments counting on the fact he’ll forget unfortunately he doesn’t…. he gets the kids to bed , comes down, locks the door, and gets the belt… now I’m mad!!! I tried refusing, tried begging him to wait til he wasn’t mad , tried accusing him… I got him so roweled up that we had one of those funny moments where his face is red, he’s hollering as loud as he can and all the sudden out comes, “I’M NOT MAD!!!!” we couldn’t't help but laugh even in the face of the situation but he calmed himself down said it was my fault for arguing , PUT me in position and went to town on my hiney. Now I’m even more mad…I’m dry sobbing cause I’m so furious I cant cry. I wont cry…. When he’s through I just want to crawl away and be by myself , but he wont let me. He wants to be intimate. I sobbed I didn’t want to but he gently refused to let me refuse and had his way with things . Whatever I can humor him I have before and I can again . That part doesn’t bother me but here’s what does. ….. I’m sore and I’m angry and nothings been resolved so what was the point of spanking me if it’s just going to serve to remind me how angry I am.


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