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The week of June 24, Congress is voting on a bill that will provide additional funding for the Department of Homeland Security, which includes funding for ICE and CPB. As far as I know this bill has bipartisan support, so it’s important not to assume your dem congressperson feels the same way you do, and it’s important to let your rep congressperson know you’re watching them.

I know that there is a feeling of helplessness and “what can I do?” Well, here is something you can do: call both members and tell them to vote no on this.

More info on this here:


For something like this, in my opinion, calling is the best option. However, if you absolutely can’t call, there is a tool called resistbot, which I’ve used and is quite good. You just send the word “resist” to the resistbot through FB message. You can also send the word “resist” via text, but I don’t remember the number. Some congresspeople do not give as much weight to resistbot messages as phone calls, so you do have to have a sense of the temperature of the office (and state offices tend to respond better to actual calls, at least in my experience). My rule of thumb is for things that are URGENT, I call. For things that are winding their way through the system, I will resistbot.

Other tips: put your MoCs phone numbers in your phone. Then it’s super easy to call, because you don’t have to look up their numbers! (I still need to put my state reps in).

Also, would it be helpful if I posted a call to action a few times a week? When I first started calling having someone tell me who to call and what to say was instrumental in providing the activation energy I needed to make the first call.

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