90% of the time they are a lazy, lovey~face pair of bums. Bums! Truly, they are lazy & lovey, good listeners & sweet big noses.

Then, they display epic levels of Dawg Assholery, the likes of which they know better than to do. I don't know if any of you remember past posts regarding turning on the stove or pulling a double pot of meatball/sausage sauce down and eating it entirely.

Yes, they almost burnt my house down that time. Group Thinkers advised taking the burner knobs off, which I have done every day since then. Yes, they pulled a double pot of Italian sauce/gravy (this is a different war!) down thats destination was a funeral repast & ate the whole thing. One was hiding & the other stood there wagging at me with his ears back, effectively saying, "Why you so mad?"

I was home most of the day, took them out for a big dawg adventure where we ran & played in the snow & I dispensed the special biscuits when we got home from our outing, because they were good boys who come when I call them.

Later, I came home TO THIS after a 2 hour trip to run errands:


No more Netflix or DVDs until I can find a replacement remote for the blue ray dvd player. They managed not to continue their Canine Carnage to the cable remote.

I see a dawg pen in a certain pair of dawg's future.