Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I unfriended someone on Facebook this morning. I know we have a lot of conversations on here about when and if it is appropriate to unfriend and what type of people (family v. acquaintances) should be unfriended. Well today a classmate from my high school days posted a meme about Obama. The meme said Let Me Be Clear. I Don't Give A Fuck About You America. The guys comment was "For some reason I believe this". Normally, for this type of infraction, I would simply UnFollow. However, I saw someone had commented so I checked to see what was said and was greeted with this gem "Because it is absolutely true! He only cares about helping himself and the Muslims!" And the OP had "liked" the comment.


I didn't even waste the energy to get mad. I just clicked on his name and hit UnFriend. Screw that noise. You don't agree with the President's politics or policies, fine, I can get behind that, it is your right to have an opinion. But posting disrespectful and inflammatory things like this, no way, not gonna fly. Worst part is the Muslim comment came from a mom. I really wanted to post on her FB and tell her thanks for raising a bunch of bigots, my future kids appreciate their future lack of tolerance but I decided that attacking someone's parenting is probably a little over the line and immature.

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