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Deleted him from my contacts

Yeah. I did that last night.

He had been acting weird and wishy washy and just didn't seem interested anymore. I'm a little pissed off that he basically just decided to let it peter out after 3 months instead of you know...actually having the fucking balls to tell me he didn't want to see me anymore. But I find that most men do that shit, so I'm not surprised.

The truth is, I cried so much and was so weirdly miserable during this pseudo relationship that I have no tears left. And if I'm being REALLY honest with myself, it was never going to work anyway. I'm the type of chick who will show up to your house with 2 40 oz's and suggest we watch 80's movies on netflix. Him? Well, he's pretty bourgy. Our lifestyles were vastly different. And I guess maybe he realized that in the midst of me just being hopeful. Eh, it happens. I'm also pretty convinced that he's not even really sure of what he wants.


BUT I have a date on Saturday! With a guy who CALLED ME ON THE MOTHERFUCKING TELEPHONE and was like "What about Saturday? I kinda wanna hang out with you all day!" And he has a bunch of tattoos and is a ginger!

Breakups. They suck. But I'm convinced that I will be completely over this in about 2 weeks. Because this dude does not deserve to be taking up any more space in my head or heart. RIGHT?

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