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Delicious, delicious procrastination

I should be cleaning. Instead, I made these delicious Gf/df no-bake bars. And started a roast for dinner.

They're just melted chocolate chips with a bit of coconut oil, corn Chex, and some 4th of July marshmallows. Stir it all together, press into an 8x8 pan, cover, and chill for an hour or 2.


The roast is a 3 1/2lb chuck roast with onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, and halved potatoes piled on top, and a slosh or three of Shiraz. Salt, pepper, parsley and a spray of olive oil so the veg don't dry out. It won't be ready until around 7, but I'm starting to smell it and it smells goooooood.

I suppose that I should actually clean something now... *sigh*

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